This is another stretch of 88. About 12 miles of it are paved and allow for a bit more hoonage. Most of this is still lacking a guard rail though so some caution is required.

Car: Pontiac G6 GT
Song: Dramarama – Anything, Anything.
Camera: Canon sd1000.
Camera man: Thrown around in passenger seat.

A drive through infinity highway (AZ-88) during a trip in January 2009. If you ever travel near Phoenix, this is a must. 50 miles of switch backs, mostly unpaved, and seldom will you see a guard rail.

Car: Pontiac G6 Gt
Song: Rise Against – Kotov Syndrome
Camera: Canon sd1000.
Camera man: Thrown around all over the place.

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For the month of February i have decided to test and punish my body. My local gym has devised what i can best describe as a cumulative triathlon. Rather than a timed Swim/Bike/Run challenge i will be taking part in a challenge to accumulate a large sum of miles in all three disciplines throughout the month.

There are eight categories available to compete in of which i chosen the Marathon class. I will be completing 15 miles (480 laps) of swimming, 180 miles of biking, and 100 miles of running. I am using this spreadsheet to help track my progress.

This took me a fair bit of time to accomplish this but after digging around, the Linux community led me to the solution. The chip set in the in Linkysys WUSB54GC is made by Ralink. I was able to locate a driver from Ralink’s site that will work with this device.

So here are the steps:

Download the USB(RT2500USB) driver from
Launch the executable and when prompted choose to install the driver only.

Plug in device.
Wait for windows to tell you installation has failed.
Click Start; OK the Windows logo button thinger. What does MS call this now?
Right click on “Computer” and select properties.
Open Device Manager.
Locate the failed device in the Network adapters list.
Right click on the device name and select “Update Driver Software”.
Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.
Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
Select “Network adapters” and click next.
From the list of Manufacturers select “Ralink Technology Corp.”
From the list of Network Adapters select “RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card”.
Click Next
You will receive a warning, Click Yes.

Proceed to connect to a AP as normal with the built in Windows utility.



I struggle to understand the pictures people use as wallpaper on there computers. You will see everything ranging from there children to a dream car and back again. Most of these images make the desktop an unusable work space as there hide icon for the files and folders they place there. I can go off on a drawn out diatriabe about how i feel this workspace should be used but that is for another day. so here is a truncated version.

I have always been one for simplicity and usability. I typically use a solid black background because things are easily located. I made this choice originally because I treat my desktop as a temporary work space; Much like you would the surface of your desk. You layout your desk to have the things you will need often and are currently those you are currently working on readily available.

One day i stumbled across the image above and i have found that is the ideal wallpaper for someone like me. I have used it throughout my entire professional career. Its simple, doesn’t obfuscate anything, scales well across various resolutions, and is easy on the eye and mind. Its not my couch. Its not my room. But it makes me feel comfortable and I can place myself on that couch mentally for a moment of clarity.



Wheeltag - AlleyCats

Wheeltag - AlleyCats

In the back of my head I have been planning out a sweet belt driven single speed city bike. Highly inspired by late black and chrome Lincoln’s with fat white walls and suicide doors. I want to take an old 70′s era steel road back, modify the dropouts to mock a single speed allow for the belt to be installed. Using a deep-V wheel with a set of the WheelTags installed would work really well with this setup. The tags are essentially a large decal that we used to place on model cars. Peel, get wet, stick, smooth air bubbles, let dry, go spin.

We went out of town for the holiday break and came back to a ton of leaves all of my back yard. Luckily the thermometer was reading in the mid fifties so i decided to start working on the situation. Wish i would have taken a before picture but two and one half hours later I ended up with the wonderful pile of leaves you see above (presented by the misses). I can’t say that i slaved over this as i used a leaf blower for the largest portion of the work. Regardless, it was all worth while when i was able to push Allison into the pile.

In the pile

Last night we got a call from a colleague of my wife alerting us of the filming of ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover in a town not so far from us. Just so happens that the teen aged daughter of the family is quite the fan of Gavin Rossdale and ABC had set up a surprise concert for her. My wife has also drooled over the man as i have his bride (she is bananas) since the mid nineties and had reverted back to her sixteen year old self… it was actually really cute to see her cooing over Gavin…



Not only is does this thing come with multipoint adjustable Sparco belts, its carbon fiber and removable so it can be used as a side infant carrier. Not currently planned to be put into production but the designer is pitching the idea to Sparco.


sata, cfII, ide to usb adaptor. and only 22 bucks!

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