I have a few dead/brown spots in my yard that i have wanted to take care of and didn’t want to take care. I could have placed some grass seed but i think I’ve missed my window of opportunity as it is now well into summer. However I came across a product at the local big box home improvement store and decided to give it a try.

The product appears to be ground up and shredded paper compacted with fertilizer and grass seed. I won’t pretend to know what the concoction does but i thought i would document what happens daily through its seven day course. Here are a few pics of its application.


After attending a recent SCCA SOLOII event, that some friends competed in, i’ve been working on compiling some video footage into a meaningful format. I have 17 runs recorded and wanted to be able to show/analyze the individual runs to show where improvement can be made. watching each run one after another proved useless so i wanted to quad view (display four frames at once) to see how each car looked in each sector. I ran into problems when i realized what i thought would be a staple feature seemed to only exist on professional clients.

Then i found AVSynth. Great little scirpting language that allows for this feature and a ton others and its OSS. To tie a little bit of a gui into it, i recommend also looking into AvsP as an editor. Any text editor will work but this will provide you will a visual preview of your output. Here is an example of the script i used to create a 2×3 grid of video. If you are used to windows shell scripting this should read like english to you.


StackHorizontal(StackVertical(v1, v4), StackVertical(v2, v5), StackVertical(v3, v6))
#~End Script

clerkswin has recently placed a poll to select the movie that most represented the 90′s. My choice would have been a toss up between Clerks, Wayne’s World, and Airheads as those are the ones i most enjoy and still quote most of. Due to the flocks (200k+) of fellow @ThatKevinSmith followers, Clerks was pushed through and rained champ.

To that i can say two things.

See kids, every vote counts!


Fly fat ass. Fly!!!

Title kinda says it all…


There is an adage that is something to the effect of “there is no more dangerous a thing in a kitchen, than a dull knife.” I found this to be rather true last night. Rather than washing and using my usual 6 inch chefs knife I decided to hastily grab my 8 inch knife that is admittedly in need of a proper sharpening. I was cutting an onion and the knife wouldn’t penetrate the thing, the onion rolled and the knife went straight into my third finger on my left hand. About and hour and a few stitches later I end up with this.

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It’s a long way from Jersey but at least Randall turned the coffee off.


How on earth could someone take something that is already the embodiment of all that is whiskey tango and make it just a little more ‘git-r-dun’? Well, by adding a hatchback to it to make sure the glorious flowing main that is your mullet has plenty of room.

I am working on getting the old DV tapes converted to H.264 and came across a funny (to me) old video. When we where rowing together at Kansas State, we would hold alumni and or class races. Mixed boats of currents athletes, alumni, highschool members, and coxswains. Well i had a great idea to put all of my current coxswains in a boat, two of which actually had rowing experience (bow seat and stroke) and two that hadn’t. Abby, two seat had caught a crab just before this happened but you can’t tell from the camera angle and Allison caught a boat stopping, oar over the head crab right after. And if you watch to the end i believe that is Craig Doan in the amazingly pink shirt.

Edit: Oh yeah, that me trying to fit into a cox seat of a men’s lightweight shell!




After the month long torture fest I have completed my first triathlon. I went into it telling myself i would be content if I was under the fifty minute mark and excited if I was under forty-five. I performed within my expectations and hit 49:13. Given that this was all indoor and I wasn’t able to take advantage of my bike prowess, I will take it for what it is and be content.

Swim: 12:05 Bike: 18:20 Run: 17:04

Being her fourth triathlon (she insists she is now a triathlete) she didn’t partake in the agony I put myself through and just did the thing.

Swim: 12:19 Bike: 23:50 Run: 24:50

Add em up plus the times in the transitions and there you have it; We both ended up third in our age groups (20 to 30).

Blue Car: 2010 Ford Factory Drift Car
Driver: Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Yellow Car: 2008 Ford Mustang with nearly the entire SVT catalog bolted on.
Driver: Some other guy.