This took me a fair bit of time to accomplish this but after digging around, the Linux community led me to the solution. The chip set in the in Linkysys WUSB54GC is made by Ralink. I was able to locate a driver from Ralink’s site that will work with this device.

So here are the steps:

Download the USB(RT2500USB) driver from
Launch the executable and when prompted choose to install the driver only.

Plug in device.
Wait for windows to tell you installation has failed.
Click Start; OK the Windows logo button thinger. What does MS call this now?
Right click on “Computer” and select properties.
Open Device Manager.
Locate the failed device in the Network adapters list.
Right click on the device name and select “Update Driver Software”.
Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.
Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.
Select “Network adapters” and click next.
From the list of Manufacturers select “Ralink Technology Corp.”
From the list of Network Adapters select “RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card”.
Click Next
You will receive a warning, Click Yes.

Proceed to connect to a AP as normal with the built in Windows utility.

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  2. Great advice but there’s an easier work around. Download the wusb54gc vista driver. After the install, go to device manager and select the network adapter. Same steps as yours thereafter but the not a huge download like RT25000USB (33mb).

    By Michael on Jan 19, 2009

  3. From Admin: With my install of windows 7, the linksys driver install continually crashed explorer.

    By Michael on Jan 19, 2009

  4. Michael – I can’t get the wusb54gc driver to install in Windows 7. Are you sure?

    By JDS on Jan 22, 2009

  5. Further – I can’t ever got the USB adapter to how up in device manager!?

    By JDS on Jan 22, 2009

  6. This driver works for my installation which is in the 64-bit version of 7. I have not tested this within a 32-bit install. My understanding is that it is a 32-bit driver though and would leave me to believe that it would work in 32.

    Is the device mounting in the unknown devices section of device manager? If so, just follow the steps above once you have located the device. If it not showing at all try a different USB port or from the Action menu within device manager, click “Scan for Hardware Changes”.

    Another thought, kind of a stretch i think, is that you UAC settings may be to high to allow your account to install new hardware. You can try to lower these by click start, typing UAC into the search box, and going through the User Account Settings wizard.

    Best of Luck,

    By Michael on Jan 23, 2009

  7. the ralink fix worked well for me. thanks

    By nanker phelge on Jan 29, 2009

  8. i have the beta x64 7000 build, and can’t get this method to work….i get it to see the usb in device manger, but it only lets me install the rt2500 driver not the 73 driver

    By William C Boehm Jr on Feb 27, 2009

  9. William, I would first try removing any RA-link drivers you have installed. Do a quick reboot, scrub the registry with something CCleaner (available from the link below), reboot again, then try the RT73 installer again.

    By Michael on Feb 27, 2009

  10. Interesting.
    I’m using the drivers included on the in-box will no problems at all. Might somebody correct me with an error?

    By Dan on Jun 14, 2009

  11. What is the error you are receiving Dan?

    By Michael on Jun 14, 2009

  12. I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 recently, and am wondering how long the driver install should take.

    I’ve tried installing the drivers that came with the wireless adapter, but nothing was recognized. I’ll continue trying some of these other options. (I have x32 btw)

    By Brian on Jun 22, 2009

  13. Update – sorry.

    I’ve tried downloading the driver multiple times, but it keeps timing out. “This operation timed out because the timeout period expired.”

    It’s really odd because I don’t have anything else running, perhaps a firewall issue? I have McAfee Security Center Beta for Windows 7.

    By Brian on Jun 22, 2009

  14. I get error:
    This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    By Colton on Jul 31, 2009

  15. I have wusb54gc v3 and had the same issue with windows 7 rc x64.

    To resolve this issue i did the following.

    Download the latest drivers from the linksys website. Extract the file.

    plug the adaptor into a usb port

    browse to device manager (right click on computer – and click manage then click device manager)

    The device should be listed under “other devices” as a 802.11g WLAN – right click this device and select update driver software

    select browse my computer for driver software. In the search box type in the path for the updated driver you downloaded. i.e. c:\temp\linksysdriver

    the last step is to install the wireless manager – you can do this by running setup.exe (x86) or setup64.exe (for x64 duh)

    By semicon on Aug 15, 2009

  16. I tried this with my WUSB54GSC, only difference is speedbooster….

    and i keep getting a “code 10″ error and it says that “This device cannot start”

    I’m becoming frustrated as i can’t even connect to the internet with my new version of windows, any suggestions or help??? pleaseeee.

    By Grant on Oct 23, 2009

  17. Looks like linksys’s official response to installing this device is to use the generic broadcom driver found in 7′s official release. Link to there official response is below. Pretty much mirrors mine except for the usage fo the RALink driver.

    By Michael on Oct 24, 2009

  18. I tried semicon’s suggestion and it worked. Thanks

    By robert paulsen on Nov 6, 2009

  19. I have tried everything. None of these seem to work. I have the black WUSB54GC (ver 3?). I plug it in when the CD says to and it detects it. Then, I get an error msg after it shows it is installing the driver. I have tried to delete it, plug in the USB card, and in Device Manager change the driver. Nothing works. ANY help. I have Windows 7 Home Premium and a 64 bit system. ANY HELP out there?

    By Jerry on Nov 7, 2009

  20. Jerry, follow Semicon’s instructions just a couple of posts above me (August 15 2009 post). I’d type it out but there is no point to be repetitive.

    By robert paulson on Nov 9, 2009

  21. Hi,
    If Ur Installing Wusb54gc On Windows 7 Then U Don’t Have Download Any Driver … The All What U Have Do is Manually Install The Driver For The Adapter From The Disk..& While Selecting the Driver …Select the Vista Driver….

    By Shashank on Nov 10, 2009

  22. i installed it and it was successful. what do i do? im running x64 win 7

    By Justin on Nov 14, 2009

  23. Can you elaborate? if the install was successful all should be well and working? what exactly is your question Justin?

    By Michael on Nov 14, 2009

  24. Thanks! Got it loaded by Shashank’s tip to load the Vista driver. Took a little digging, but i got it. Was worried when I connected but no internet. Did a restart and now I’m on. WooHoo! Thanks Shashank!

    By Andy on Nov 24, 2009

  25. You can version 2 or version 3 64 bit drivers at the following link:

    The following steps install on a Windows 7 system

    1. Download and save the version for your hardware to the desktop or folder of your choice and then unzip the files.

    2. Open device manager (Start, right click Computer and select properties the select Device Manager from the menu on left of window.

    3. Connect the adapter to a USB port of the computer.

    4. Under the Device Manager, you’ll see the adapter under Unknown device.

    5. Right click on the Unknown device and click on Update Driver.

    6. Browse the folder with the unzipped driver files and select update.

    7. When update is complete the adapter will be located under the Network adapters.

    Windows 7 will manage the wireless connections without any other software assistance (simply right click on the Icon in system tray).

    By Bill on Nov 25, 2009

  26. Hey, I had the same problem I think Justin has…The installation never “failed” it just said installed successfully. I still went through the steps and its been “installing driver software” for the past 15 minutes with no apparent progress. I’m also running x64 win 7

    By Jeff on Dec 5, 2009

  27. I tried semicon advice and it says windows has determined the sortware for your device is up to date. Tried two different Linksys usb adapters and they act differently.

    By KWA on Dec 24, 2009

  28. HELP!! Ready to return my computer. Bought a new ASUS Cm5570 with Windows 7. Also, bought a new WUSB54gs adapter. Can not connect. Adaper device not being recognized.

    By Debbie on Dec 30, 2009

  29. Hi,

    I’ve tried your solutions and none of them seems to be working in my computer. I get errors like “windows exceeded time limit for instaling the driver”, or “windows cannot connect to wireless, because there is a problem with your driver”.

    I’ve windows 7 x64! Can someone help me?

    By Ricardo on Jan 4, 2010

  30. Since Linksys is so unhelpful, I am hoping this method works. Out of curiosity, I have version 1 of this device (the one pictured) and was wondering if this is the one you were able to make work.

    By AJ on Feb 2, 2010

  31. I have wusb54gsc ver 2 i think. I am running windows 7 64 bit edition. I am ripping out my hair and beating my children because windows no longer recognizes the device.Someone help please…

    By josh on May 3, 2010

  32. help! tried every possible solution and still does not work! this ralink fix couldnt help the problem. there was no installation failed warning when i tried this out!
    is there any other way to solve this? tried linksys driver from the linksys website but could not even run utility, faced with a run dll error.
    my windows 7 system claims that there is a problem with the driver for my wireless adapter but recognizes it fine as USB Wireless Adapter everytime i plug my WUSB54GC into my computer.

    By asalleh on Jun 12, 2010

  33. The steps i listed here have worked for me under windows 7 release client and ultimate. If you are unable to make this work i would suggest running windows update until you have completely updated you system. Be sure to check for optional hardware upgrades as well as the high priority ones. On my latest system build, I was able to use the default Microsoft driver in place of the steps i originally posted above. I hope this helps you.

    The Admin.

    By Michael on Jun 13, 2010

  34. Thanks to a person who has originally started this page. I have win 7 home premium 64 bit. The cd that came with it didn’t work then I came across this page and made a mistake of trying everything written here but the first one….nothing worked…as last try before calling linksys support I tried the first solution on this page… worked like a charm. Download took some time but happy with the result.

    By A Singh on Jul 19, 2010

  35. Hi.
    I have the WUSB54gc installed and running on an XP2 hard drive. I am not able to load the driver on a different hard drive on the same PC running Windows 7 32 bit. I do have the Cisco/Linksys install CD rom. HELP

    By Rich Dan on Oct 8, 2010

  36. So I’m pretty sure people have some differing hardware issues, or they BELIEVE they have windows 7 64 bit and actually have 32bit. I have tried all of the above steps, and others not mentioned here, and nothing has worked. I know for a fact that I have win7 64bit installed, it is up to date, and for the most part a brand new system. I have not been able to get any of 8 USB wireless NICs to install that say “Windows 7 compatible” simply because people write postings on how to make them work “with win7 64bit” when in actuality they WILL NOT work with 64bit. Even on RALink’s website (AND the “official post” that a gentleman linked above) they specifically say it is NOT compatible with 64bit… so STOP SAYING IT IS. Glad I spent another $20 on yet ANOTHER USB NIC that will NOT work with 64bit windows. I guess I just need to break down and drop $60+ on a little stick with proper drivers that will let me connect to the internet wirelessly.

    That or just move out of my parents’ home….

    By Brad on Oct 21, 2010

  37. Thanks man, helped me a ton.

    By Jerry on Nov 4, 2010

  38. I tried installing the Ralink 2500 driver, and it said “Linksys Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter with Speedbooster successfully installed”

    So it worked, with even less steps. Thanks!

    By Calvin on Nov 18, 2010

  39. FINALLY, none of the above worked, but this DID work (copied from another site)

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    Hi Ssilk,

    Step 1

    Uninstall the existing network driver from the computer and restart the computer to load the generic drivers.

    A. Click start, type “devmgmt.msc” in the start search box and press enter.

    B. Right click the network driver and select “uninstall”

    C. Restart the computer to load the generic drivers.

    Step 2

    Check if the Startup Type of “WLAN AutoConfig” service is “Automatic”

    1. Click start, type “services.msc” in the start search box and press enter.

    2. In services windows scroll down to locate “WLAN AutoConfig”

    3. If the startup type is not automatic, right click the service and change the startup type to “Automatic”

    4. Click Apply, Ok.

    For more information please see the following links:

    By brian on Dec 31, 2010

  40. drivers para windows 7 premium

    By antonio on Jan 11, 2011

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