I struggle to understand the pictures people use as wallpaper on there computers. You will see everything ranging from there children to a dream car and back again. Most of these images make the desktop an unusable work space as there hide icon for the files and folders they place there. I can go off on a drawn out diatriabe about how i feel this workspace should be used but that is for another day. so here is a truncated version.

I have always been one for simplicity and usability. I typically use a solid black background because things are easily located. I made this choice originally because I treat my desktop as a temporary work space; Much like you would the surface of your desk. You layout your desk to have the things you will need often and are currently those you are currently working on readily available.

One day i stumbled across the image above and i have found that is the ideal wallpaper for someone like me. I have used it throughout my entire professional career. Its simple, doesn’t obfuscate anything, scales well across various resolutions, and is easy on the eye and mind. Its not my couch. Its not my room. But it makes me feel comfortable and I can place myself on that couch mentally for a moment of clarity.

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