Finally broke down and replaced the poorly aging Vaio that I have had since 2002.  The machine operated wonderfully for the 8 years i used it until the power plug recently broke.  It could be replaced but with its nearly decrepit hard drive, lack of a functional battery, and lack of internal wireless adapter (it predates this being a standard) it was just time to move on.

Because of its amazing service life I originally looked towards another Vaio but was unable to find one within my required spec range.  The main thing i couldn’t find was a back lit keyboard.  While i despise OSX I am enamored but that feature of Apple’s pro line.  This led me to Dell’s Studio line.  This line offered everything i want in a machine and more.  1600×900 screen resolution, true 8 hour battery life. backlit keyboard, and less than the Vaio’s 15 lb weight range.

I opted for a T6600 spec’ed studio 14z and with the exception of spongy feeling click button on the touch pad i have no complaints.  This is a rare feat for me.  I am an incredibly picky person and I absolutely adore using this machine.

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