After attending a recent SCCA SOLOII event, that some friends competed in, i’ve been working on compiling some video footage into a meaningful format. I have 17 runs recorded and wanted to be able to show/analyze the individual runs to show where improvement can be made. watching each run one after another proved useless so i wanted to quad view (display four frames at once) to see how each car looked in each sector. I ran into problems when i realized what i thought would be a staple feature seemed to only exist on professional clients.

Then i found AVSynth. Great little scirpting language that allows for this feature and a ton others and its OSS. To tie a little bit of a gui into it, i recommend also looking into AvsP as an editor. Any text editor will work but this will provide you will a visual preview of your output. Here is an example of the script i used to create a 2×3 grid of video. If you are used to windows shell scripting this should read like english to you.


StackHorizontal(StackVertical(v1, v4), StackVertical(v2, v5), StackVertical(v3, v6))
#~End Script

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