After the month long torture fest I have completed my first triathlon. I went into it telling myself i would be content if I was under the fifty minute mark and excited if I was under forty-five. I performed within my expectations and hit 49:13. Given that this was all indoor and I wasn’t able to take advantage of my bike prowess, I will take it for what it is and be content.

Swim: 12:05 Bike: 18:20 Run: 17:04

Being her fourth triathlon (she insists she is now a triathlete) she didn’t partake in the agony I put myself through and just did the thing.

Swim: 12:19 Bike: 23:50 Run: 24:50

Add em up plus the times in the transitions and there you have it; We both ended up third in our age groups (20 to 30).

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